7 Amazing Things We Should Have Appreciated More When We Were Kids

Being a kid is basically the easiest thing in the world. Sure, at the time you probably thought it was pretty difficult, but that was only because you had nothing to compare it to.

Trying to act like an adult and take care of "real" problems is really a heck-of-a-lot harder than trying to decide which two friends to invite to your birthday party.

It's sometimes easy to look back on your childhood and get a bit grumpy that you didn't appreciate things as much as you should have, so it's time to do it now.

Here are 7 of the best things about being a kid that we all wish we appreciated more  

1. No bills

Literally all you do is wake up and exist and have no concept of rent, grocery bills or electricity bills

2. No shame

You don't really understand the concept of embarrassment until you are basically a preteen. When you are little you just to do whatever you want, whenever you want

3. Naps whenever you want

No one will judge you if you just take a nap on the kitchen table during lunch or in the middle of the floor while you watch TV. Literally any time is nap time

4. Everything you do is cute

Of course there is a limit, but for the most part everything you did as a kid was thought of as adorable and not weird or awkward

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5. No responsibilities

There aren't a lot of little kids who have to wake up every morning to go to work, or have a big meeting with lawyers, or anything they have to take care of. They just exist and everything happens around them

6. Making friends is a lot easier

As an adult, there isn't as many easy ways to meet people. When you're a kid, you would meet people in your class and those are your best friends for ten years.

7. Everyone has VERY low expectations of you

Literally all you had to do was be polite and people will be so impressed. Now, people expect you to have actual achievements and goals. I mean, I said "please" AND "thank you", what more do you want?!

I guess we can't stay kids forever, but man it's fun to reminisce.

Share your favorite thing about being a kid that you miss in the comments!