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You Would Never Guess What Went On Behind The Scenes Of This Crazy 90s Show

Dinosaurs was one of the strangest but most wonderful TV shows of the 90s. Jim Hensen developed an anthropomorphic dinosaur family just before he passed away, and after his death the show ended up getting made so we got to witness all of its greatness. The Sinclair family contained Earl, Fran, Robbi, Charlene and Baby along with Fran's mother Ethyl and they were all fantastic.

The dinosaurs themselves were quite impressive. They were huge costumes that were worn but the puppet heads moved a lot and made them look pretty great.

Seeing the actors in these costumes must have been an awkward experience, but they all knew how to have fun with it. The enormous costumes really lent themselves to some comedic movements and lucky for us, their backstage antics were recorded and we get to see them.

It is a little strange to see a man walking around in what are essentially dinosaur pants, but you know what, it's also pretty entertaining.

Check out the little clip below, and just imagine how uncomfortable they all must have been wearing those enormous suits!