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10 Movie Moments That Absolutely Destroyed You As A Child

When you are young, you don't really understand that movies are just fun and pretend, sometimes they feel very real. This is why some movies stand out as being a little bit traumatic, whether it's because they were scary or even just horribly sad. There are a few moments that will stick with you forever and probably can still make you cry.

If you think you can keep those feelings inside, you are wrong. Here are the top 10 moments that have likely scarred you for life and will absolute make you cry as much as you did when you were young.

10. Dumbo and his mom

9. When Buzz didn't fly

8. When Tod got left in the forest all alone

7. Bambi's Mom... enough said.

6. When Shadow got stuck in the mud

5. When the Swamp of Sadness got Artax

4. When Littlefoot's mom died

3. E.T. saying goodbye to Elliot

2. The funeral scene in My Girl

1. Mufasa ... I don't have to explain right?

Well, did you make it through without tearing up? If so, you might be a robot. All these movies absolutely destroyed me when I was a kid and honestly still do now.

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