8 Secrets From The Filming Of 'Dinosaurs' That'll Make You Wish The Show Wasn't Extinct

There are very few shows that are able to work when the main character is big, talking, dinosaur puppet, oh no wait, there is only one. Dinosaurs was unique, epic, and iconic. It was truly one of a kind, and it was well loved by everyone who watched it. But the show wasn't as easy to make as all the other sitcoms we watched on TV, for very obvious reasons. When all of your main characters are trapped inside big dinosaur costumes with robotic elements to them, you have an added level of difficulty that other shows do not have


7 Things You Didn't Know About Alf That Would Make Our Favorite Alien Say "Haaaa! I Kill Me"

Most television shows make a fair amount of sense. They seem to have a formulaic style of comedy or drama that is easy to understand. Then there is ALF. How do you even begin to describe ALF? NBCAn Alien Life Form (ALF) crash-lands in suburban California in the home of the the Tanners. The Tanners hide ALF in their house while he is supposed to be repairing his spaceship. ALF reveals that his planet when through a nuclear explosion and wants to warn the president that this might happen to Earth. It does not go super great, but he does


You Would Never Guess What Went On Behind The Scenes Of This Crazy 90s Show

Dinosaurs was one of the strangest but most wonderful TV shows of the 90s. Jim Hensen developed an anthropomorphic dinosaur family just before he passed away, and after his death the show ended up getting made so we got to witness all of its greatness. The Sinclair family contained Earl, Fran, Robbi, Charlene and Baby along with Fran's mother Ethyl and they were all fantastic. The dinosaurs themselves were quite impressive. They were huge costumes that were worn but the puppet heads moved a lot and made them look pretty great. Seeing the actors in these costumes must have been