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Ever Wonder What Happened To These Iconic Movie Props?

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Movie magic is when the cast and crew of a studio are able to make an audience believe something extraordinary, using only the bare minimum to achieve the impossible.

Some of the most memorable moments in film history have been thanks to a few well-made props that ended up becoming classic tropes in Hollywood. But what happens when their screen time is over and the director yells cut?

Here's the weird and tragic endings for those famous pieces of cinema history!

The Heart of the Ocean - Titanic

The incredible jewel that ties together the love triangle is what sparked the treasure hunt in the movie. While based on a true story, the studio had an original diamond necklace made for the film.

No, it wasn't really dropped into the Atlantic Ocean, in fact it is currently on display along with other props from director James Cameron's films.

Talkboy - Home Alone 2

We all wanted one of these voice recorders once we saw the movie, and lo and behold, one toy store actually listened. The device didn't exist when they made the movie, but there was such a demand for them that Tiger Electronics ended up producing over ten million units for the Christmas release.

Even though it didn't work, Macaulay Culkin got to keep the original Talkboy.

Fertility Idol - Indiana Jones

Several of these golden statues were made, which was a good thing because many of them broke during filming. The surviving "booby-trapped" idols have made their way into collections around the world, but most of the originals are on display in various science centers.

We all know what Indie would say, "It belongs in a museum!"

Click your heels three times together and check out what happened to the other legendary movie props that weren't so lucky!

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