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Elizabeth Shue Was One Of The Biggest Stars Of The 80s, But What Has She Been Up To Since?

After making us all fall in love with her in The Karate Kid and Adventures in Babysitting, Elisabeth Shue continued to be the first crush of basically every boy who grew up in the 80s. Her role in Cocktail solidified her status, and Back to the Future really confirmed what we had already known.

Even though we all remember watching her as kids, how many of you know where she has ended up?

Shue started acting as a teenager, and her role as Ali in The Karate Kid was her big break. It was a huge role for someone who didn't have a whole lot of experience, but Shue managed it with grace and we all were thrilled when Daniel got the girl.

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Just a few years later, Shue became the most relatable character in any teen's life: a frustrated babysitter. We all knew what it was like to deal with kids who didn't want a babysitter, and how hard it was to keep them all in check. To be honest, she handled it better than any of us would have in her same situation.

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The next year, she got to star alongside one of the biggest stars of the 80s, Tom Cruise, in the movie Cocktail.

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And then came the Back to the Future movies. She was in both of the sequels as a replacement to one of the original actresses, but a lot of people liked her better.

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But what has she been up to since she was stealing everyone's hearts in the 80s?

Elisabeth Shue has actually had an incredibly successful career. She's been nominated for many acting awards, including an Oscar, and has worked with a lot of huge names including Billy Crystal, Kevin Bacon, and Robin Williams.

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Even though her career has been pretty amazing, she is much more then just an actress. She's also a highly educated woman, having graduated from Harvard University with a degree in political science.

Even though she had several big hits early in her career, she never seemed to find the same attention as a lot of her former co-stars did, but chances are it was all her own choice. Instead, she focused a lot on doing projects she was passionate about, while also spending a lot of time with her family.

She recently headed to the small screen, and took a role on the popular series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation where she played specialist Julie Findlay for three seasons of the show.


Since leaving, she has gotten back into feature films, including Battle of the Sexes and Death Wish. Both movies have impressive casts, with Emma Stone and Steve Carell leading Battle of the Sexes, and Bruce Willis starring in the Death Wish remake.

So even though Elisabeth Shue may not be on the cover of every magazine or the forefront of people's minds, she's still around, and doing amazing things each and every year!

Which of her roles was your favorite? I am partial to Adventures in Babysitting myself.