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Dressing Like Your Favorite Disney Character Just Got A Lot More Stylish

The "Happiest Collection on Earth" gives you an opportunity you didn't know you needed. Now with the carefully curated collection at Unique Vintage you can have Disney inspired outfits without breaking out the Halloween costumes. This line of vintage-style clothing includes dresses, tops, skirts, shorts, and accessories that you can mix and match to get the perfect balance of Disney fan into your wardrobe.

They have sorted the collection so that you can search by either your chosen character or by era. Here are the other characters they have featured:

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck

Maintains the color-scheme perfectly and even throws in Donald's nautical style shirt!


Snow White

With this outfit you will definitely be the fairest of all the people on Instagram!


Now you just need a guy in a blue jacket and Angela Landsbury singing you a nice song and you will be all set!



You can even buy some clear shoes and pretend they are made of glass! Probably these would be a lot more comfortable, glass would actually be so heavy.


Everyone's favorite little mermaid if she had to deal with the temperate climates of living on land. Less Shell-bras, more sweaters.



Wings not required, but if you want to go for it I will not stop you!

Mary Poppins

Not sure if Mary Poppins would approve of shorts that short, but I think the bright red tie will distract her anyways.


The White Rabbit

Don't be late! The collection is available for you now so that you can mix and match and turn into all your favorite Disney characters!