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All 80s Kids Will Recognize These 15 Back-To-School Supplies

Going to school in the 80s was pretty great - we had neon track suits, brightly colored hair clips, trapper keepers and Mr. T cereal to start off the day.

Sure, our hair was probably bigger than our heads, the plastic pencil cases tore a hole in them by the end of the year and I was forever losing those adorable hair clips, but that's just part of what makes remembering those days so fun!

Check out these top 15 back-to-school must haves for every 80s kid and see how many you remember.

Pencil case with pocket for your lunch money

Lunch pails and matching thermos with your favorite characters

Trapper Keeper for all your secrets, and maybe some homework.

Flomo Boxed Pencil Set - because everything should be perfectly coordinated

Breakfast cereal - because it is the most important meal of the day! Who remembers begging their parents for the new Mr. T cereal?

Backpacks - If you didn't have a Cabbage Patch doll, I guess a backpack was a close second.

Matching tracksuits! Because clothes should be comfortable and colorful.

Puffy sticker collection with sticker album - before kids traded Pokémon cards, there were scented and puffy stickers.

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Ponytail holders, hair combs and  cute clips - back to school fashion is all about the details

You were never late for school with these awesome Swatch watches!

In the 80s everything was made of plastic - even our shoes - Jelly shoes for the win!

For the street smart, high-tops sneakers

Whose older brother had Ponys like these?!

Pleated jeans and slacks - because we were all little adults in training

For some of us with bad eyesight, we couldn't go anywhere without these unfortunate glasses

... and maybe these hairstyles too...

Two words: Lisa. Frank. She literally built a rainbow empire out of school supplies.