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This McDonald's Commercial Will Have You Looking At George Costanza In An All New Way

Every actor has to pay their dues if they want to make it in showbiz. Sometimes that involves playing extras, or doing print work but most often actors do commercials to get their face out there.

Jason Alexander is most notable for his role of the always cranky George Costanza on Seinfeld. However, before he was angry all the time he was doing his best to make it in the world and sometimes to do that you have to go to McDonald's.

Alexander was the star of the commercial for the super impressive "McDLT". What was a McDLT you ask? Well, it was an ingenious concept for those who would "like a hamburger hot and your lettuce and tomato stay cool and crisp... All at the same time?" So thrilling.

How did they accomplish this feat? Well, aside from the dance breaks, finger guns and singing, they made a special box that would separate the burger into two sections, one side would have the top bun with the lettuce and tomato and the bottom would have the burger. (Some assembly required).

The best thing about it is of course the ridiculous dancing. 80s commercials are the actual best thing in the world. Watch it below and let us know what you think!

Weird 80s commericals are seriously the greatest. Whether it's for a drug PSA or dolls that act as your imaginary friend, all 80s commercials are the best.

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