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If You Can Remember This Commercial You Definitely Grew Up In the 80s

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, this song is probably tucked away in your memories somewhere. Commercials used to play in between all your favorite shows warning you of all the dangerous things that were out there. The strange thing was that to make drugs seem scarier, this video tried to make them look cuter?

That probably won't ever make sense to me, but you know what it did get stuck in your head so I guess it did its job! These little muppet-like pills sang a song to remind you just how scary drugs are and how you need to have "a healthy fear of us" because they will make you "delirious!"

The tiny chipmunk-sounding barbershop quartet sings a sweet little song that was probably a good way to teach kids to be careful because they looked they came straight off of Sesame Street and who doesn't trust Big Bird and friends?

Who remembers this? Imagine what kids today would think of this? They would be so confused!