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Relive Your Childhood By Watching The Commercials For The My Buddy And Kid Sister Dolls

Some toys are just iconic. Things like the Tickle Me Elmo, a Furby or a Cabbage Patch Doll, are all super memorable and everlasting. Some toys were HUGE at the time but have kind of faded away, but it's still fun to look back and remember our past toys and what they meant to us. Who remembers having either a My Buddy or Kid Sister doll? A lot of people probably do,  not only did most of us have one, but they actually based Chucky the terrifying evil doll on them!

The dolls were pretty cute. The My Buddy dolls were little boys in overalls, a hat and perhaps the worst bowl cut ever. The Kid Sister was a little girl in overalls with some pig tail braids and a bunch of freckles. Kids loved these dolls.

They were made by Hasbro in 1985 but in the 1990s Playskool took over. They changed how it was made to reduce costs. What they did was stitch the clothing directly to the body so it could not be removed. While there were complaints, they were more concerned with keeping costs down and keeping the entire unit on one assembly line.

They each had their own little theme song:

My Buddy

My Buddy, My Buddy, Wherever I go, he goes.
My Buddy, My Buddy, I'll teach him everything that I know.

My Buddy and me, Like to climb up a tree.
My Buddy and me, We're the best friends that could be.

My Buddy, My Buddy,
My Buddy and me!

Kid Sister

Kid Sister, Kid Sister, Wherever I go, you're gonna go.
Kid Sister, Kid Sister, I'm gonna tell you everything I know.

Kid Sister and me, love afternoon tea,
Kid Sister and me, we're the best friends that could be.

Kid Sister, Kid Sister,
Kid Sister and me!

There were a few different versions of these dolls, did you ever have one?

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