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15 Things You Won't Understand If You Weren't A Teen In The 2000s

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Every generation of teens goes through what some would call some "awkward" times, and it feels like the early 00s might have been the most awkward time of all.

While moving from the crazy-ass 90s to the technology-driven later 2000s, all sorts of weirdness cropped up that we honestly mostly don't miss. In particular, these 15 things were part of every teen's life in those days, for better or for worse.

That weird-ass phone that all the celebrities had for like, a year.


The angstiest of angsty music on repeat 24/7.

And the profile picture to go along with it.


Seriously, the emo phases were all over the place.

Rebel Circus

When these cartoons were everywhere on the internet.

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These bracelets that everyone wore, sometimes for incredibly different reasons (allegedly).


Keep scrolling for more callbacks to your blunder years.

The importance of changing your MSN name.

Daily Edge

Trogdor: The Burninator. 'Nuff said.

Homestar Runner

Having to wade through a sea of viruses and lies to get the one song you were looking for.


Hearing rumors about that mysterious new "Facebook" site that people liked more than Myspace.


Updating your LiveJournal. Do people even still know what that is?


Seeing this graphic on literally every trip to the mall.


Skinny jeans weren't just for girls anymore!


The singularly most quotable movie of all time.


And of course, everyone's favorite game.

Electronic Arts

What were your memories of the early 2000s?