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13 Things You Only Pretend To Know About If You Didn't Grow Up In The 80s

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It's pretty much a historical and scientific fact that the 80s were the best decade of all time, and there's the movies, music, TV, and pretty much every other kind of media to prove it.

While there's been a pretty big resurgence of 80s stuff over the last few years, we're pretty sure that unless you actually grew up in the decade, these 13 things are gonna be impossible to remember.

1. The original theme song to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

2. What the hell a pager even was.


3. The feeling of getting the back of your legs scorched by one of these bastards.


4. The weirdness you felt about the fact that He-Man and She-Ra were siblings.


5. Seeing the real Star Wars trilogy come to an end.


6. Being worried about The Noid going after your damn pizza.

7. When your games came on these.


8. Or on these.

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9. The sheer tragedy that was Optimus Prime's death.

10. When your music-playing devices looked like this.


11. Or were behind a pane of glass doors that you NEVER touched without your parents around.


12. When Pee-Wee defined your Saturday mornings.

13. And of course, Trapper Keepers.

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What do you remember about being a kid in the 80s?