10 Things You Absolutely Did Every Time You Went Shopping With Your Parents

At one point or another, your parents had to bring you to the store. Whether you wanted to or not, your parents needed to get groceries, clothes or general house things that were a real pain in the butt for you.There were two type of kids, the ones that enjoyed going shopping and the ones who would rather do anything else. Some kids appreciated the giant playground that a store could be, while the rest were just dreading every second of it. If you ever went shopping with your parents chances are you remember at least one of these


20 Amazing Sitcom Dads You Secretly Wished Were Yours

Having a good dad is important when you are a kid. There is a lot of stuff that your dad (or surrogate dad) can teach you and it's important to acknowledge him properly. Because we all grew up watching way too much TV, we probably spent a fair amount of time with some fictional dads. Let's give some recognition to those TV dads who brought us so much joy over the years! There are a bunch of great dads, and some so-bad-they-are-good dads that we all grew up with who deserve as much praise as we can give them. Check


15 Lies You Definitely Told Your Parents As A Teenager

As I've grown up, and looked back at these lies I've told, I started to realize everyone tells the same lies to their parents. If that's the case, our parents definitely knew we were lying the whole time. It could also be that they were incredibly naive and believed we were the angels the hoped we'd be. 1. "I'm going to stay the night at my friends house."Maybe you were going to your friends house, but you definitely weren't staying there. 2. "Report cards haven't come out yet."This was a tricky one because you had to pray that


16 Lies Our Parents Told Us As Kids That We Only Realized As Adults

Some of these lies make me wonder if they actually might be true, and others make me realize my parents were just brilliant. 1. The light inside the car was illegal to have on while driving. So, apparently it is totally legal but our parents just found it annoying? Well, mom how do you expect me to find my toy that fell on the ground without the light on?  Throwbacks2. Peeing in a pool will release a dye, so everyone will know.My entire time growing up, I believed that if I peed in a pool, my pee would


10 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up With Strict Parents

Everyone who says parents are more strict today clearly never grew up in my household. I'm 25 years old and still get nervous when I have a drink because my parents made me think it was illegal to be drunk. They also made it seem like dating in high school was the end of the world and would derail your entire future. Sure, there may be more parents out there today who impose strict rules on their kids, but let's not pretend there weren't strict parents when we were growing up. This list is sure to give flashbacks to any


Wondering Where Max And Ruby's Parents Are? We Finally Have An Answer

In 2002, one of our favorite television networks, Nickelodeon, introduced the TV adaptation of "Max & Ruby" to the world. The inseparable brother and sister duo were the stars of the animated children's television series, Max & Ruby, based on the book series of the same name by Rosemary Wells. Nick Jr.If you ever watched the show, you know that Gayla "Grandma" Bunny is Max & Ruby's only known relative, so you've undoubtedly asked, "What happened to their parents?"Among the many unsolved mysteries of the early 2000s, this one always bothered us and it turns out, we're not alone. There are