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12 Toys We Loved That Our Parents Definitely Regret Buying

Having kids is tough for a number of reasons, but one of the bigger ones definitely has to be when they want something so badly that it defines their tiny little lives. We definitely got this way about more than a few toys in our lifetimes, but these 12 in particular are ones that our parents definitely regretting buying us.

The Furby


We all needed one back in the 90s, and it was a double pain in the ass for our parents. First, they had to try to find one of the damn things (because everyone wanted one), and then they had to listen to it talk in gibberish all the time. We suspect more than a few of these went "missing," never to be seen again.



Because nothing says "My child is driving me nuts" quite like an electronic toy that squawks and bleeps whenever it needs something, and of course there was the inevitable conversation you had to have with your kids when they got sad about their virtual pet dying.

Fisher Price Push Popper

Fisher Price

It's one of the most classic children's toys that toddlers love, but it makes so much freaking noise that pretty much every parent regrets buying it within about 10 minutes of bringing it home.

Big Mouth Billy Bass


It was one of the lamest toys ever made (seriously, it just sat on the wall and sang) but this thing was HUGE for a while, and we're sure that parents everywhere rolled their eyes whenever it showed up on a Christmas list.

Nerf Guns


Getting one of these from our parents might have seemed like a good idea to them at the time, but as soon as these weapons of foam warfare were in our hands, we had one of two targets; our siblings, or our parents. Has any other company been as responsible for as many groundings as Nerf? We doubt it.


Milton Bradley

The original "cool" remake of Simon Says was loud as hell and made the most obnoxious buzz whenever you got the pattern wrong. Even we got annoyed after a while.

It only gets more annoying from here...


Whether you had to play it for school or just decided to do it at home for funsies, this instrument sounds like nails on a chalkboard to everyone around it, and we have no idea how parents don't just snap them in half.



It's not the toy itself that was the problem; Lego has always been an amazing toy to expand kids' minds and teach them to be creative. The problem was that we always left the pieces lying around for our parents to step on, and nothing hurts like a 2x4 brick in the arch of your foot.

Musical Toys

Fisher Price

They never have volume control, they make the most annoying sounds ever, and we loved them so much as toddlers that there was no way you were taking them away from us.



It was supposed to go on paper, but knowing how kids act, we're pretty sure we all preferred painting on the walls.

Giant Stuffed Animals


We loved them as much as real people, and as such they had to come with us EVERYWHERE. Grocery store, clothes shopping, dentist, didn't matter; Buddy the Bear is along for the ride.

Karaoke Machines

Gold Pro

Because nothing sounds better than our squeaky pre-pubescent voices belting out the biggest hits at the absolute top of our voices. Pretty sure our parents should have bought stock in Aspirin.

Which of these did you have as a kid? Let us know in the comments!