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10 Bands That Proved We Didn't Care About Your Rules Mom

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One of the best ways to create mystique around your music as an artist is to piss off the parents of middle America, because as soon as kids are told they can't enjoy something, it makes them want to enjoy it all the more. In the case of these 10 bands, we definitely needed to listen to them with our boomboxes turned down REALLY low when we were at home.

Marilyn Manson

The poster boy for musical controversy in the 90s terrified parents in a way that few artists could ever dream of, and he had the record sales to prove it.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop might seem like your quaint rap uncle these days, but once upon a time he was on trial for murder and terrorizing parents through the boomboxes of suburban kids everywhere.


When a band really, really loves writing songs about things like war and Satan, you're probably not gonna find them on a list of bands accepted by your local church.


The Real Slim Shady was just a little too real for a lot of adults, who were mortified that their kids were listening to him.

These next few artists used to really drive our folks nuts...

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