12 Unbelievable Rumors We All Stupidly Fell For As Kids

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Kids are a pretty gullible bunch, as many of them haven't been exposed enough to the world to have a healthy level of cynicism. As a result, they tend to believe pretty firmly in some very, very absurd things.

We here at Throwbacks polled our staff on some of the weirdest things they believed when they were young, and the results were the 12 rumors, that vary from common, to hilarious, to outright insane.

Shooting out tonsils.

Mayo Clinic

Let's start off with a weird one. According to a coworker, "my dad told me that to have your tonsils removed, they would "shoot them out." I'm not sure I want to know what that even entails.

Mountain Dew lowers your sperm count.

Mountain Dew

Chances are we all heard this one in high school at some point. What I wanna know is, why did anybody care about their sperm count as a teenager?

Blood-sucking wrist elastics.


As one coworker commented, "my dad used to tell us that wearing an elastic or hair tie around our wrists will kill us because they suck the blood out of us." Yeesh, what the hell dad?

Sitting too close to the TV.

Penn State

Parents have been telling us to sit away from the TV for decades now, and we all turned out just fine regardless. So what if I need glasses as thick as a Coke bottle?

Blinded by socks.

Business Insider

Seems like there's a trend of dads messing with their kids, because another coworker commented that "my dad said if i wear socks going to bed I'll go blind." I have so many questions.

The lies just get even more ridiculous from here...

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