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16 Lies Our Parents Told Us As Kids That We Only Realized As Adults

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Some of these lies make me wonder if they actually might be true, and others make me realize my parents were just brilliant.

1. The light inside the car was illegal to have on while driving.

So, apparently it is totally legal but our parents just found it annoying? Well, mom how do you expect me to find my toy that fell on the ground without the light on?  

2. Peeing in a pool will release a dye, so everyone will know.

My entire time growing up, I believed that if I peed in a pool, my pee would turn bright blue and everyone would know.

3. Carrots will give you night vision.

I still didn't eat carrots so jokes on you mom and dad.

4. Swallowed gum will stay in your stomach for seven years.

This is untrue, gum goes through your system normally. I still think about it every time I go to swallow gum, it just feels unnatural.

5. Strangers are all evil.

Okay, maybe it wasn't this dramatic. I do remember being terrified of strangers when I was young though so my parents must have told me something to instill this thought into me.

6. "It looks good."

Looking back at pictures I realized, my bright orange sequin top with my plaid Bermuda shorts didn't in fact "look good," but thanks anyways mom.

7. If you eat the seeds of a fruit, it will grow inside of you.

What was even the point of this lie? Was this just at the point where they realized they could tell us anything and we would believe it?

8. "You better not let me get to zero... 3, 2.."

What exactly happens at zero? I would love to know. I will give them credit for this one, the whole "not knowing," factor was absolutely terrifying.

9. "Maybe tomorrow."

This always shut us up, and I guess they just hoped we wouldn't remember tomorrow?

10. They had Santa on speed dial.

How many fake calls to Santa did everyone else have until they begged their moms to hang up with a pleading apology.

11. Your finger will get stuck in your nose if you pick it.

Honestly, I was a gross child so, I don't think this ever stopped me.

12. "You'll thank me for this when you're older."

I guess my parents are currently waiting for a thank you for telling me not to go to that one sleepover when I was 11, maybe next year.

13. High school will be the best time of your life.

This was a cruel lie, and if by some chance it wasn't a lie, I have some serious self-reflecting to do.

14. "I'll tell you when you're older."

I am still waiting on this response.

15. They’re more scared of you than you are of them.

Actually, I don't think this vicious wasp coming towards me is one bit scared of me.

16. Where babies come from.

Whether it was a stork, your mouth, or a "loving hug," most of us never got the answer from our parents. On that topic, am I the only one who does not remember finding out where babies come from? I feel like that is something I should definitely remember.

What crazy lies did you parents tell you growing up?