Ikea Is Bringing Back The Couch Of Your Nightmares, And People Have A Lot To Say About It

Remember when you were growing up and you'd go hang out in the living room for hours and hours, never leaving your spot on the couch? Well, honestly I can't pretend much has changed, other than the fact that the couch has fewer flowers on it than ever before. Most people stick to a single color now, but back in the day there was apparently nothing more desirable than a good floral pattern. Big flowers, small flowers, pinks ones, or blue, every combination was waiting for you. We've all seen a lot of bad couches in our days, but when


Seeing Celebrities' Homes From The 90s Is Like Stepping Through A Time Machine

Who else has a very vivid memory of what their house looked like in the 90s? Everyone's house has specific look depending on what their parents were into at the time. In our house we had green wall-to-wall carpets, a blue couch that was almost a velvet texture and of course, a lazy boy recliner. In our basement we had a hand-me-down couch from my grandparents that looked like it had seen better days. It was basically just the scratchiest material ever but it didn't matter because it was ours. Our houses may not have looked as cool as the


You Can Live In The '10 Things I Hate About You' House And It's Actually Amazing

We all remember watching 10 Things I Hate About You in the late 90s and becoming completely obsessed with Kat Statford's rebel style, or Bianca's collection of cute sundresses. The Stratford sisters were iconic for us, and we can all admit that part of the reason was their absolutely epic house. So many moments in that movie took place in that home, and it just felt like the most iconic and idyllic place for this story to unfold. I don't know how many times I thought that it would be comfortable to sit on the porch of my house and


9 Things We Always Saw At Our Grandparents' House

Growing up, our grandparents's house was the one place that never seemed to change. You could count on it to always be there and always be the best place to be pampered and loved by your grandparents. Here are nine things we always saw in our grandparent's house:1. The best food.I feel like it's a rule that grandparents have to buy the best food ever. Whenever I went to their house, my grandma would break out the best snacks ever, that I was never allowed to have at home. Also, grandmas are always the best cooks so you


More Than 25 Years Since 'Home Alone' Came Out, The Inside Of The McCallister House Looks Better Than Ever

There are some movies that have iconic settings that we remember for all time. Whether it's a school, a boat, or a house, the location is usually an incredibly important factor. The movie Home Alone features one of the most memorable houses ever. 20th Century FoxThe thought of being alone in that house when we were kids was kind of insane. It was an enormous house that if it wasn't being burgled would have been a total dream to spend the week in alone. 20th Century FoxThe real house used for filming was located in Illinois in the village of


You Can Party Like It's 1999 Forever If You Buy This Amazing 90s Themed Mansion

You know how a lot of people keep saying that they wish they could still be living in the 90s? Well, it's time to put their money where their mouth is because there is a house for sale that is basically like walking into a time portal.Look at it! ZillowIn Waterford, Michigan, a huge 10,000 square-foot house has been listed for sale and every single square inch of it looks as though it is straight out of the 90s. Needless to say, it's absolutely amazing. ZillowSure, you may be thinking "don't most houses have to be painted in


You Can Live In The Beverly Hillbillies Mansion But You'll Need To Strike Oil First

The Beverly Hillbillies was one of the most successful and popular shows of their time. It was on the air between 1962-1971, but in syndication it made its way into all of our childhoods. CBSThe Clampetts were a unique family who were faced with an interesting situation. After striking oil in the swamp where they lived, the family was suddenly rich beyond their wildest dreams and so off they went to Beverly Hills. CBSThey moved into an impressive and enormous mansion that many of us remember seeing and dreaming we could one day own something similar. Turns out, that house


Inflatable Chairs Are Coming Back So You Can Have The 90s Bedroom You Always Wanted

If you were a kid in the 90s, then chances are a house filled with inflatable furniture was your greatest dream. I remember thinking about what it would be like to get my first apartment when I was young, and I figured that a house full of inflatable furniture was an economical option. Granted, I was only nine years old and didn't really think about how uncomfortable that would be. It didn't matter anyway, because by the time I was old enough to have an apartment, inflatable furniture was a thing of the past. Triboo ClubIt's fine, we could live