9 Things We Always Saw At Our Grandparents' House


Growing up, our grandparents's house was the one place that never seemed to change. You could count on it to always be there and always be the best place to be pampered and loved by your grandparents. Here are nine things we always saw in our grandparent's house:

1. The best food.

I feel like it's a rule that grandparents have to buy the best food ever. Whenever I went to their house, my grandma would break out the best snacks ever, that I was never allowed to have at home. Also, grandmas are always the best cooks so you know you are going to be eating good when you go there.

2. So many china cabinets.

My mom has china cabinets too, but my grandparents had like six of them. And it's not like we ever got to use the dishes in it. I don't understand the concept of dishes as a decoration piece, but our grandparents were all about it. I don't know if it was just me but whenever I got a little too close to the china cabinet, my grandma would just stare at me intensely until I backed away.

3. Werther's originals.

These were everywhere. Obviously they were most commonly seen in grandma's purse, but they also made an appearance all over the house too. It wasn't guaranteed that it would be Werther's, but the one guarantee was that they were probably 30-year-old candies.

4. Cabinet of plastic bags.

It was probably located under the sink, but they never threw out a plastic bag. They probably even had a plastic bag filled with plastic bags. I do not judge this one because I do the exact same thing. I am pretty sure the only reason I do it is because my mom did, and she did because her mom did. It's a re-occurring cycle. I probably only ever re-use these bags once a month but it still pains me to throw them out, just in case.

5. Day time television.

The TV was always left on at my grandparents's house, and also it was in "the den" never the living room. It was also usually the news or Judge Judy, grandparents love Judge Judy.

But that's not all.

6. Reader Digest.

There was every month's edition somewhere throughout the house. I liked them because I always read the jokes page that I didn't really understand.

7. Floral furniture.

They never got the message that floral furniture went out of style, or they did and just didn't care. The furniture was probably very colorful with a beige-puke colored carpet underneath. Also, your grandparents probably had their own chairs in the living room that they always sat in.

8. Photo montage of yourself.

Your grandparents's house is the one place to go if you've ever had a bad day, the moment you walk in, you instantly feel like a celebrity. First of all, they instantly make you a snack, then you look to the wall and see every school photo of you, ever. They display it proudly on the wall as if you are their number one priority. You just know they brag about about when their friends come over to play cards.

9. The TV guide.

I feel like if you are over the age of 65, TV guides just start coming to your house automatically. There is literally no use for a TV guide anymore, and I'm actually not sure if they even make them anymore. Growing up, you can count on your grandparents having a huge stack of them.

What was your favorite memory of your grandparents's house?