Seeing What Went On Behind-The-Scenes Of "Dinosaurs" Proves They Just Don't Make Shows Like They Used To

The 90s can definitely be considered an era of strange, yet wonderful television. And the champion of the strange and wonderful had to be the iconic show Dinosaurs. Jim Henson had created these anthropomorphic reptiles just before he passed away, and the producers decided to bring the show to life after his death.

The show centered around the Sinclair family; Earl, Fran, Robbi, Charlene, Baby, and of course Fran's ancient mother, Ethyl.

A lot more went into making the show than you would think, and the level of commitment the puppeteers had to make is absolutely astounding. Imagine having to wear massive costume suits to work that could weigh over 100 pounds?

If you remember the show, you will have noticed that Earl sighed a lot during his dialogue, it was because the puppeteer inside that massive suit needed to be able to see what was happening in front of him. The show only continued because of the dedication of those inside the masks.

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Seeing the actors get in and out of those massive costumes must have been quite the sight, and it definitely led to some hilarious backstage moments. Some of those antics were caught on film for everyone to look back on and enjoy.  

I don't think I would have survived 15 minutes in one of those massive suits. I bet you didn't know some of these behind the scenes facts from one of your favorite television shows.

Let's start off with something that to be honest, we are glad never actually happened. The original design for Earl Sinclair was absolutely terrifying. Kids would have had nightmares had this version of Earl made it on screen.


The show's producers were so set on providing a fun show for the entire family that they banned all press from coming on the set during the first season. They didn't want any pictures of the puppeteers with only portions of their costumes on, they thought it would ruin the idea for the kids watching the show.

Puppeteers were also known to fall asleep inside their costumes. It's easy to understand based on how heavy and warm they must have been, now imagine sitting in those suits for hours at a time.

And let's be honest, everyone's favorite character was Baby. Here are 10 minutes of the best of Baby Sinclair, please enjoy.

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