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Someone Combined 'Jurassic Park' With The Show 'Dinosaurs' And We Can't Stop Laughing

Dinosaurs are easily one of the coolest things to have ever roamed this planet. That's just a true fact. They were these enormous, interesting, and almost mysterious creatures that we still don't know all the facts about because they were around millions of years ago.

In the 90s, there were a lot of different shows and movies that focused on dinosaurs, and they were all pretty fantastic. The Land Before Time, Jurassic Park, and Dinosaurs were absolute perfection.

One amazing, clever, and wonderful human named Jen Lewis decided that having all these dinosaur properties is great and all, but the only way to make them better would be to combine some of them into one super movie.

So, she combined the two that made the most sense: Jurassic Park, but all the dinosaurs are from the show Dinosaurs. Seriously, just when you thought Jurassic Park couldn't get any better someone found a way to improve it.


It's actually just unreal how amazing these pictures are. You have got to see them.

Seriously, look how good this is!

Actual works of art

Creative genius

Absolutely brilliant

The best part about this is she made EVEN MORE! The first round of these went so well that she created more glorious and hilarious gems for us to enjoy. Click to the next page to see the rest!

When I say they are glorious, I am not kidding. These things are absolutely the reason the internet exits. It's just the perfect mashup and it's executed so well that it really just brings all the joy to everyone's hearts.


Completely mind blowing

Supremely awesome

Just 100% Perfection

Can you think of any other movie/TV mashups that would be as good as this? Share in the comments so we can try to make it happen!