13 Snacks You Ate At Every 80s Birthday Party That You're Going To Start Craving Again

It doesn't matter that you can go to basically any grocery store and find a confetti cake mix. That's not the point. Never again will you be able go to Stacey Whatsherface's house and eat five cupcakes, a whole bag of a Cheetos, and a liter of fruit punch and have it bring you the same amount of joy. Right? Birthday party food just tastes better. The same bag of Cheetos tastes just fifty times better at a birthday party. I don't know why, no one does. It's one of life's greatest mysteries. Birthday party snacks are easily the highlight


15 Foods That Were The Only Reason You Went To Birthday Parties

People just don't throw parties they way they used to back in the day. Growing up in the 90s, birthday parties were not just an opportunity to bring friends together in your home, at the bowling alley, or McDonald's, but it was the one of those occasions when you and your buddies could binge on all your favorite treats and drinks without being limited by your parents. Here are 15 wonderful munchies and beverages that made every party we attended in the 90s a hit:1. Pizza Bagel BitesWikipedia2. Barbie CakeRefinery293. Dino NuggetsImgur4. Smiley FriesMetro5. Capri SunBustle6. Pigs in a


4 Facts About SisQo That Have Dumps Like A Truck (Truck, Truck)

You may remember this all-American R&B rapper from a multitude of songs and flashy outfits that popularized the rapper from Maryland. Perhaps it was his eccentric personality that gave him an unprecedented rise to stardom, and it may have been the same quirks that let him fall away from the limelight only a few years later. However you remember the infamous SisQo, here are the things you should know about the multi-platinum singer-songwriter who continues to perform at the young age of 39. His NameFilmFed'SisQo', was actually born Mark Althavean Andrews, in the suburban neighborhoods of Baltimore, Maryland. He


13 Toys You Definitely Begged Your Parents For When You Were A Kid

Some toys were pretty important to you when you were a kid. You would beg and plead with your parents for them every holiday season or in the months leading up to your birthday. Sometimes these toys manage to come back into style, but will they bring you as much joy as they did back then? Probably not. Here are 13 of the best things you wish you absolutely asked for when you were a kid.Poo-ChiEbayFloamAmazonKoosh BallsEbayTamagotchisEbayLaser TagEbayRoller SkatesEbayBop ItEbayThere's more you absolutely remember asking for as a kid! Click to the next page and see if anything looks


11 Facts About David Bowie You Probably Didn't Know

Almost a year ago to the day, we lost music legend and all around wonderful human David Bowie. He silently battled cancer, saying he "wanted to go without any fuss." Bowie was an inspiration for people everywhere who were a little different. He showed the world how being eccentric and just being yourself was absolutely fine. The Grammy and Emmy winner was not ashamed to be whoever he wanted, regardless of the public opinion. But as much as we want to believe we knew David Bowie, there are some facts about him that not many people know. Check out this


Happy 50th Birthday to Kiefer Sutherland!

Today, one of the most successful actors from two countries celebrates his 50th birthday. Born in 1966 to famous Canadian parents Donald Sutherland and Shirley Douglas, Kiefer has managed to chart his own path through Hollywood, winning awards and fans for his amazing roles on both TV and the silver screen.Fun fact: Sutherland has a star on both Canada's Walk of Fame in Toronto, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. He deserves it, with a movie career stretching back more than 30 years and a starring role in 24, one of the most popular shows of


Discovery Zone Was The Best Place For A 90s Birthday Party And Here's Why

Your birthday was basically the most important holiday of the year when you were a kid. Sure, Christmas was great, Easter was fun, and Thanksgiving had great food and all, but all of those days were focused on everyone else. On your birthday, people gave you the choice of what you want to do. You get to pick the place, you get to pick the food, and you get to pick the theme. There are of course a lot of options when it comes to birthday party locations. People would sometimes go to the movies, go bowling, or have a