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13 Toys You Definitely Begged Your Parents For When You Were A Kid

Some toys were pretty important to you when you were a kid. You would beg and plead with your parents for them every holiday season or in the months leading up to your birthday.

Sometimes these toys manage to come back into style, but will they bring you as much joy as they did back then? Probably not. Here are 13 of the best things you wish you absolutely asked for when you were a kid.



Koosh Balls


Laser Tag

Roller Skates

Bop It

There's more you absolutely remember asking for as a kid! Click to the next page and see if anything looks familiar!

Power Rangers Toys

Sky Dancers

Velcro Catch Game

Lite Brite

Jumbo Artist Case


How many of these did you used to put on your birthday or Christmas wish lists? Let us know in the comments!