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No 90s Home Was Complete Without These Little Kids

If you had to think of one little knick-knack that would remind you of the 90s, it would absolutely have to be a Precious Moments ceramic figurine right? Those little kids were just about everywhere. Not only were there the ceramic figures that your Grandma would give you for your birthday, you could also get the coloring books, the collections of stories and even toys!  

They were pretty cute so I can see how they ended up so popular. They were big-eyed kids who always shared the sweetest sentiments like "I love my grandma" or just a simple "I love you".

The books were always around in the 90s. I remember the specific one I had to this day because I would read the poems so often. They were illustrated in such a cute way and were just such a feel good story!

Did you know you can still get these little figures now? The company that started in 1991 is still up and running, making a huge variety of products that you could give to your friends and family as a fun throwback! They even have a line of Disney themed figures if you want to have all your 90s nostalgia in one item.

So who had some of these when they were a kid? Share if you remember them!