Hey 90s Kids, Have You Ever Wondered What The Rugrats Would Look Like All Grown Up?

Do you remember watching all those cartoons in the 90s? You had your schedule of all your favorites and would make sure never to miss them because PVRs/DVRs didn't exist yet.

Well, artists remember them fondly, and imagine what they would be like now that they are all grown up. Have you ever wondered how Tommy Pickles turned out? Did he ever grow hair? Is Angelica still kind of a brat?

Check out the artists drawings below to see how all those goofy babies turned out.


Everyone is all grown up and a little bit of a hipster. Check them out in comparison to their younger selves.

Tommy Pickles

Tommy still has his trusty screw driver, apparently creating his own company "Pickles Inc". What do you think he makes? I am betting on baby proofing items that will actually contain babies, because obviously whatever was available when he was a kid was just not safe enough.


I love the detail on the tie, I didn't notice it in the group picture but he still has his favorite planet on his outfit. Lucky for him, his glasses are back in style now!


She still definitely has that attitude but now she has a lot more style about it. Those boots are pretty cool, but I still wouldn't trust her.


The duck necklace takes it over the top. Lil was always so cute with her little twin antics with her brother, who still isn't afraid to match his sister.


The fact that Phil and Lil wear matching duck necklaces is too adorable. I also enjoy Phil's super cool tattoo of Reptar!

Dil Pickles

You have to feel a little bad for him, his parents gave his brother a regular name, but when they had him, they just gave up and named their son Dil Pickles. At least he has kept his sense of humor and is sporting a sweater from Pickles Inc as well.


Who else totally wants that shirt? Just me? Well, she looks so stylish in her cute purple shorts and adorable little boots that are very reminiscent of her previous outfits. When you find that perfect sense of style, why bother changing it?


I wish she had kept her super cool patterns, but I guess purple and yellow polkadots don't go with those boots. What do you think of these grown up versions of your favorite tiny trouble makers? Can you believe it's been 25 years since Rugrats first started airing on Nickelodeon?

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