If You Were Born In The 90s You Probably Have One Of These Top 10 Names

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If you thought that parents in the 90s only named their children after their favorite pop culture icon, you're partially correct.

Some baby names were inspired by TV shows and novels, but many others were actually variations of names that were popular centuries before the 90s started.

Here are the top ten male and female baby names of the 90s. See if yours made the cut:

10. Joseph & Megan

Joseph is the English form of the Hebrew name Yosef YHWH which signifies "Jehovah shall increase."

The 90s was the first time in decades that Megan, or any of its other variations, made it into the top ten. The Welsh name actually gained popularity as a nickname for Margaret, but as we all know, it turned out to be its own name. About 54% of people named Megan in the U.S. were born in the 90s or later.

9. Tyler & Taylor

Tyler is an Old English name borrowed from the Old French occupational name for a person who makes or lays tiles.

Similar to Tyler, the unisex name Taylor has its roots in Old French. It is also an occupational name meaning "tailor."

8. Daniel & Elizabeth

Daniel means "God is my judge," and it originates from the Bible. Nowadays, there are over 100 different variations of the name including its female form Danielle.

Elizabeth is the form of the Hebrew name Elisheva, but the current spelling is derived from the Ancient Greek Elisabet meaning "My God is an oath."

7. Andrew & Brittany

Andrew is a classic boy's name derived from the Greek Andreas which means "manly."

Brittany stems from a region of France with the same name. The 70s was the first time Brittany was given as a name and its popularity peaked in the 90s.

6. Nicholas & Amanda

No matter how you spell Nicholas, the Greek name means "victor of the people." We can thank the Bishop of Myra, Saint Nicholas a.k.a Santa Claus for the moniker's popularity.

Meaning "worthy of love," in Latin, Amanda first appeared on a birth record in 1212. Centuries later, the name became popularized by poets and playwrights.

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