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Brace Yourself: The Backstreet Boys Released A New Song And Are Going On A World Tour

YouTube - Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys have been one of the biggest bands in the country, well, the world for several decades now. After getting their start in the early 90s, they've managed to be one of the very few bands that has stuck together and continued performing.

They didn't need a big reunion, because they didn't break up. Well, let's just pretend like that whole Kevin fiasco didn't happen. But anyways, they've been putting out music and performing together for 25 years now, and they have no intention of stopping.

To be fair, they did warn of this two decades ago. They said "As long as there is music, they'll be coming back again," and they've kept their promise.

And on this regular old Friday in November, we've been once again blessed by our beloved boy band, with a brand new song that's going to show you that they've definitely still got it.

Their last new song "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" was a much more dance-driven beat, but this one falls into their love ballad wheelhouse that we all know they absolutely own.

It's called "Chances" and it makes you feel like you're back in the 90s listening to something that you'd request on the radio 85 times a day.

It's got that classic 90s BSB feel and the video has a lot of aspects that you will recognize from their old ones. For example:

Brian starts it off, as he always should, with a lot of emotion in his face while he belts out some sweet words.

Then Nick comes in, trying to look all cool.

After another emotional Brian verse, we get our powerhouse A.J. coming in with his signature sound. A little more aggressive, but it all works together so well.

Meanwhile, while the boys sing, the love story they are referring to is happening and it's basically the cutest little romance about two people continuing to run into each other.

Then our boys reunite in a dramatic formation, as they are known to do while Nick belts out the chorus.

Of course there's also another overly arranged group formation involving chairs in another location, but no Backstreet Boys video would be complete without at least two different posing moments.

Then, Howie gets his turn, with the always important quieter moment that features a lot of snapping.

And then, Kevin surprises us all with a dramatic hair cut that was hard to notice in the group shots. Compared to their last music video, he's basically another human.

Then the love story kicks it into hyper drive, with a chance hand touch that leads to a beautiful dance sequence.

Sure, I love watching BSB dance and all, but when I say this dance was beautiful, I mean it.

I may have watched it a couple of times...

Okay fine, like five times.

But then, as Brian closes out the song, we all get sad when we realize it wasn't real...

So I guess the moral of the story is to go after those chances you come across because who knows, maybe you'll get to have a beautiful dance in a train station.

The best news of all is that BSB is going on a world tour in 2019! They just announced all the dates for what their calling their DNA tour, and tickets are going on sale tomorrow for members of their fan club, or November 14th for everyone else.

They will be going all over North America and Europe so chances are there will be a show near you.  

Their new album is coming out on January 25th, so we've got a lot of great BSB content coming our way!

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