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Former *NSYNC Member, Lance Bass, Reveals His Favorite Memories From The 90s


*Nsync was one of the biggest bands in the 90s. They were beloved by basically everyone, but it turns out they were busy freaking out over some other pop stars.

Former *Nsync member, Lance Bass, was recently discussing some of his favorite 90s memories because he will be hosting a new show called 90's House on MTV.


The show will have the contestants living as if they are still in the 90s. They won't have any access to the amenities we all know and love now, but instead will have items that were available in the 90s. That means a lot of very large cellphones and very slow internet will be their only options!

He shared some of his favorite 90s things he remembers loving back in the day, everything from his favorite diva to his most exciting moment.

Favorite Diva?

"Whitney Houston. I loved The Bodyguard soundtrack. I don't know who didn't. I lived for that album."

Biggest Heartthrob?

"Female, it would be Staci Keanen. I thought I had the biggest crush on Staci Keanen from My Two Dads, but I just realized I wanted to be her best friend, instead.


Then male would be Uncle Jesse, of course. John Stamos was good-looking then, and he gets better with age."


Best Athlete?

"Brett Favre. I was a huge Green Bay Packers fan. I'm from Mississippi, and Brett Favre went to the University of Southern Mississippi. I followed him from college, to Atlanta, to Green Bay, and I'm still a huge Green Bay fan, just because of him."

Favorite Show?

"Will & Grace was my top one of that decade. I loved any scene with Jack. Just Jack! He just cracked me up. Anytime that Jack and Karen were together, it was just gold."


Biggest Fashion Regret?

"Everything that I wore from '96 to '99, basically. The one that really sticks out in my head is the outfits we wore to the American Music Awards, I think in '99. It was just horrible, and even Joan Rivers gave us an award that night of "most waterproof.""

What else does the former pop star miss about the 90s?  

Favorite 90s Star?

"Probably Macaulay Culkin. Home Alone was huge for us '90s kids."

20th Century Fox

Favorite One-Hit Wonder?

"I loved, what's her name, crap. Jennifer Paige! Check her out. You'll definitely know the song. I loved her."

Favorite Girl Group?

"I'm going to have to say Destiny's Child, with a very close runner-up being TLC, and then Spice Girls. [The Spice Girls’] video for “Wannabe”  was just amazing. It made their career."


Favorite 90s memory?

"There were so many quintessential things that I got to experience," Lance recalled. "One was meeting the Spice Girls at the airport in Germany -- that was pretty cool. It was right when 'Wannabe' came out. Also getting to perform with Aerosmith, the greatest band ever. And of course, I had every slap bracelet known to man."

Lance Bass

You'll be able to watch Lance on MTV's 90's House soon, but for now we will just all have to remember the good times!