10 Baby Names From 80s And 90s Pop Culture That Deserve A Comeback

As we all get older and start having our own families, names start to become something that people consider a little bit more. Whether it's for your future child or your future pet, it is always nice to name things after something that means a lot to you. For all of us 80s and 90s kids, that means we have a lot of really iconic names to choose between. Whether it was movies, TV shows, music artists or anything else, there are so many iconic pop culture names that we should absolutely consider when we have to name something in


The 10 Most Popular Baby Names That Basically Every '80s Kid Had

It seemed like everyone had the same names when we were growing up. There were always at least two or three kids in our classes who had the same names and even though they may have spelled it different, it made everything more complicated. Meagan KellyNowadays, parents all claim that they want unique names. Let's be real though, our parents thought the same thing. Trending names are common in every decade, the most popular choices just change. Why do these names get popular? It might be because certain celebrities are popular at the time so it inspires more people. Let's


If You Were Born In The 90s You Probably Have One Of These Top 10 Names

If you thought that parents in the 90s only named their children after their favorite pop culture icon, you're partially correct. Some baby names were inspired by TV shows and novels, but many others were actually variations of names that were popular centuries before the 90s started. Here are the top ten male and female baby names of the 90s. See if yours made the cut:10. Joseph & MeganJoseph is the English form of the Hebrew name Yosef YHWH which signifies "Jehovah shall increase."The 90s was the first time in decades that Megan, or any of its other variations,