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10 Fashion Mistakes We Were Guilty Of Making In The 80s That We Really Wish We Could Forget

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The 80s were a time that not all of us are proud of. We wore a lot of colors, we made a lot of bold hair choices, and our makeup wasn't always as subtle as it could have been, but you know what, it was awesome.

Okay, I'm lying, it was kind of a mess. But it was a lovable mess. It was never boring, that's for sure, but we can't really pretend like there weren't dozens of fashion mistakes that we all look at and kind of regret. Don't believe me? Let's take a look.

1. The Mullet

You can tell me that it was cool, but if I said you had to get one again, you'd be real sad wouldn't you? Business in the front and party in the back is not a look that the average person can pull off. It takes a lot of confidence, and even then it's not the greatest.

2. Parachute Pants

MC Hammer lied to us. Looking like we were straight out of Aladdin was not as stylish as we thought. To be fair, they were fairly comfortable depending on the fabric though, so I can't really fault you for that.

3. Fringed Jackets

I know that some people still rock a good fringe, and if you do, all the power to you, but it's not really going to be a look that stands the test of time. Although maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's one of those looks that is timeless because it all feels very old west to me. But when it's paired with a bedazzled denim jacket, it kind of loses the cowboy feel.

4. Hypercolor

The reasons why people thought a heat-based color changing article of clothing was a good idea is completely baffling to me. Do you really want to highlight your sweaty armpits? No, that's the last thing you want to appear to be highlighter pink.

5. Shoulder Pads

The bigger the shoulders the more powerful you are, at least that's how it was in the 80s. From Dynasty to Diana, shoulder pads were present for a lot of iconic outfits, but the jury is still out on whether or not they should have been. Just kidding, the jury came back in a while ago and they said they want to pass on the shoulder pads.

Honestly, it just keeps getting worse...

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