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Can You Explain To Me How Or Why These Got So Popular?

Some toys from the 90s are obviously perfect and deserve all the obsessions they started and praise that they got, looking at you Barbie Jeep, while others were perhaps a little less desirable. There were some fads that spread like wildfire even though when you really look back on them, you have no idea why. Moon Shoes were perhaps one of the biggest toys around and I am not sure I understand why.

I understand that they were "gravity defying" shoes, but did they really send you up all that high? From the commercial and all the pictures, they look as though they let you jump exactly as high as you could without them. Except now you have the added thrill of a potentially broken ankle.

Now, maybe I am just bitter because I never owned a pair. Maybe they were SUPER fun and I just missed out... But also, they look like they are just slightly springy slippers that if you fall off of them you will be greatly injured.

Have you tried them? Could you explain their appeal? Apparently a lot of schools banned them because they were dangerous, which maybe made more kids want them, but I still just don't get it.

Do you remember bouncing around in your moon shoes? Did you ever break your ankle jumping in them? I feel like it's probably for the best I never had any, I was a very clumsy child. Do you think kids today would like to have moon shoes?

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