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Who Remembers When You Could Have A McDonald's In Your Own House?

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McDonald's was the very best treat that a kid could have. Going to get some chicken McNuggets, then hanging out in the Play Place was the highlight of any week. Well, in the 90s you could bring that experience home with you. That's right, you could eat McDonald's in your home, perfect for the true fast food lover! Just what every mom wants!

You might be wondering what kind of set up your mini McDonald's would have. Well, lucky for you, there was essentially all the parts you need to have your own franchise (sort of)! I mean, nothing was made with the real meat or fries so you probably couldn't charge the full amount, but you could feed some kids some great fake food!

There were eight sets in total and all are pretty crazy.

  1. McDonald's Pie Maker
  2. McDonald's Cookie Maker
  3. McDonald's Chicken Nugget Maker
  4. McDonald's Frozen Fruit Maker
  5. McDonald's Shake Maker
  6. McDonald's Drink Fountain
  7. McDonald's Fry Maker
  8. McDonald's Hamburger Maker

That is a lot of different options, but what did they all do? Let's get into it!

McDonald's Pie Maker

You use bread, applesauce and cinnamon and sugar and then use the little press machine and boom, a "pie". They came with little boxes and everything! If you want to watch videos of how you can actually use them you can find the Pie Maker here.

McDonald's Cookie Maker

So this is made with peanut butter, graham crackers and then some Nesquick. So you mix all the things together, and then you have to cut them out with the mold and top them with the chocolate. It's all a little bizarre but if you want to see how it's made you can click here or watch the video compilation at the end.

McDonald's Chicken McNugget Maker

Each product comes with a list of recipes so you can make things with food you can find in the pantry. These "Chicken McNuggets" aren't made with chicken at all, they are cereal grinded up and combined with bread and dipped into honey. So you essentially make nugget shapes out of bread, then you dip them in the "fryer" (water and honey) and then you roll them in the cereal crumbs. See the full directions here.

McDonald's Frozen Fruit Snack Maker

So you essentially are squishing together some fruits into a little smoothie, and then add sprinkles on top, because why not. I guess it's a good way to get kids to eat fruit. You can see how it's done here or watch the video at the end.

Wow. This is a lot to take in, but honestly the craziness is just getting started. You have to see the hamburgers, they are pretty creepy. Check out the next page for the rest of the kit!

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