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12 Dark Secrets About Nickelodeon Game Shows That'll Change How You See Your Childhood

When we were kids, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Hollywood Squares were not the game shows we wanted to watch. If it wasn't kids competing and no one was getting slimed, what was the point? That's why Nickelodeon TV shows were so important to us! We got to imagine ourselves running Legends Of The Hidden Temple or being mesmerized by the VR technology on Arcade. But there are some things about your favorite game shows you may not have known.1. Marc Summers Had OCDNickelodeonHost of arguably the messiest show on television, Summers had a severe case of OCD. He


Here's What Our Future Overlords Will Be Digging Out Of Nickelodeon's 1992 Time Capsule

Back in the 90s, Nickelodeon was all the rage. When networks like Disney were presenting us with programming that focused on offering us moral lessons, Nick was busy glorifying being a kid through their original cartoons and live-action shows. In addition to filling our childhood with endless entertainment, Nickelodeon also decided to save some of those precious memories so we can all take a nostalgic trip together down memory lane some time in the future. In 1992, the network had an idea to put together a time capsule. To help decide on the important items to include in the capsule,


'Double Dare' Host Shares What It Was Really Like Behind-The-Scenes Of Our Favorite Game Show

Double Dare was one of those shows that kept us glued to the TV when we were young. We all thought that if we could get on that stage, we would be able to beat those challenges with ease. Obviously that's not true, but it doesn't hurt to dream right? NickelodeonMarc Summers was the host of the epic Nickelodeon game show from 1986 until 1993. He also was one of the executive producers and made sure that the show was a hit. He told Business Insider a bunch of details from the filming process that make us miss the show


Represent Your Favorite 90s Show With This New Line Of Nickelodeon Inspired Clothes

What was your favorite Nickelodeon show when you were younger? Were you a Rugrats fan, or maybe you preferred Clarissa Explains It All? NickelodeonThere were so many great shows on Nickelodeon that it makes it hard to pick a favorite. Luckily it doesn't really matter which one you love the most because now you can show off all of your favorite shows on these new clothes! NickelodeonThe clothing company Love Tribe has launched a new 90s Nickelodeon line of clothes is called that will be available at Macy's. They have all your favorite shows available, check them out below! You


Nickelodeon's Original 'Slime' Recipe Revealed And It's As Gross As You'd Expect

We have all seen the slime that Nickelodeon will cover whoever they possibly can with right? It's a completely iconic part of the 80s and 90s, that will just always bring back flashes of those game shows we loved as kids. While a lot of people associate the slime with the show Double Dare or What Would You Do, it actually originated on the show You Can't Do That On Television. Radio TV TalkKids would get slimed any time they said the words "I don't know". They'd get a big ol' bucket of slime dumped onto their heads, delighting all


There's A New Rocko's Modern Life Movie And We Aren't Sure How To Feel About It

Rocko's Modern Life was one of the best shows of the 90s. It was goofy enough for kids to enjoy, while also hiding some SUPER inappropriate jokes for the grownups watching with their kids. Well, apparently the world of reboots and remakes does not ever stop, because it's been announced that the popular 90s cartoon will be coming back! GiphyIt's part of the Nickelodeon's 90s revival that seems to be going on. They are also releasing a Legends of the Hidden Temple TV movie and a new Hey Arnold movie. Rocko will be coming back for a one-hour TV special


This Box Has Everything Your Childhood Self Wished For

So, there are a few things from your childhood that stick out as the best things ever. Disney movies, overalls and so many scrunchies. What else did we love? Nickelodeon cartoons! Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy and Spongbob Squarepants, all of the shows were the absolutely amazing and there was an endless supply of them. They were constantly making new hilarious cartoons for us and we consumed them faster than they could even imagine. Sure, Nickelodeon is still around, but we don't get as much time to watch it as we used to. But what if you