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9 Toys From Your Childhood That You Can Totally Still Buy

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Some of us never really did grow up, but there's no reason we should feel bad about it! The 90s were great, and with everything crazy going on that our parents had to deal with, it was nice to have some toys that helped us play and learn how to do practical activities!

If you want to reclaim that feeling of being a kid again, or give your kids the experience that your childhood offered, then check out these blast-from-the-past products you can order today!

Fisher-Price Corn Popper

Oh my gosh! I may have loved this all the more because the sound resembled popcorn and I would get really excited, but either way, I still remember how much fun I had pushing this around!

Buy yours here!


Look, if the feeling that you want to reclaim is that of terror, be my guest. Okay, they weren't all bad, in fact a lot of people had a great time taking care of these "cute" little critters.

Adopt another one here!


Talk about a throwback! Remember those commercials that used to play for these light-up art systems? There were so many ways to create beautiful pieces and it was one of those toys you could play with even after the lights went out at bed time!

Put the pieces together and order it now!

Sea Monkeys

For some kids, it was ant farms, others liked stamp-collecting. But the really cool kids got to order in a case of sea monkeys and watch them develop into an ocean zoo, and we still couldn't figure out how it worked!

Apparently they could survive for up to two years, but be honest, did yours really make it that long?

Flood your basement and fill it with a couple of these!

Pet Rock

I have encountered many "wild" stones, but I always wanted to know what it was like to take care of my very own pet rock. Do you raise it from a pebble? I think it's time for these lovable minerals to make a come back!

Click here and say "This is mine!"

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