10 Kids Shows From The '90s That You Completely Forgot You Loved

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Kids that grew up in the 90s were exceptionally lucky when it came to the quality and quantity of amazing television programs available to them. There was literally so much happening on your television screen everyday that it was sometimes hard to keep track of all the stories and plotlines going on at the same time. That being said, some shows that only lasted a few years have been forgotten in time as others rose to prominence.

Some things that are forgotten shouldn't be, and it is with that in mind that we have decided to remind you about 10 of the best 90s shows that you clearly forgot about over the years.

1. The World of David the Gnome

This show was actually produced in Spanish before being picked up in English by Nickelodeon. It followed the story of David, a 399-year-old gnome doctor, and his wife Lisa as they travel across the globe healing gnomes and injured animals alike. Oh, and he also helps in the fight against the villainous trolls.

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2. Mighty Max

Mighty Max was a show about a boy who receives a red baseball hat one day, and attached to the hat is a prophecy that he must do battle against the forces of darkness. He goes from dimension to dimension, fighting his way through dungeons alongside his companions, Virgil (who is some form of bird?) and Norman, his viking guard. Mighty Max actually came to be from a set of toys that were made to be the male equivalent of Polly Pocket.


3. Street Sharks

Spawned by the popularity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Sharks is the story of four teenagers who are turned into mutant sharks. Each one is a different type of shark, and they all come with their own special abilities as they protect the world from evil. They even had their own techno-genius whiz kid, Blades, to help them out.

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4. Biker Mice From Mars

Another show that was spawned from the success of TMNT, the Biker Mice From Mars were bad ass. The three of them were forced to run from Mars as refugees because the evil Plutarkians. The mice show up on Earth and fight the forces of evil across Chicago as they wait the arrival of the Plutarkians.

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5. VR Troopers

Another show that spawned because the success of one that came before it, VR Troopers was a a reasonably entertaining ripoff from The Power Rangers. In fact it was essentially the same thing as The Power Rangers, except of course they did battle in virtual reality.

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