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15 Things You Haven't Thought About Since You Were A Kid

There's a lot to think about these days. Now that we are all "grown up" we have to act like adults and spend most of our time thinking about all of the things we are responsible for. It's not the same as it used to be, when we could just waste our days away doing whatever kids do best.

Because our brains are so busy with work and family life, we often forget about all the stuff from our childhood. But that's where the internet comes in! It's always there to show us little artifacts that bring back all the memories from just a simple image.

How many of these pictures remind you of your childhood?

The best disposable cups imaginable

The only candy that made you feel like a real rebel

The castle that was found in every kids basement

The best way to learn how to drive

A Garfield on every window

Tricking your friends into getting stuck in one of these

Collecting erasers that were not actually used to erase anything

Candy tasted better when it looked like medical supplies

See if you can remember any more of these things!

Your bike wasn't complete without some of these

This was the most satisfying thing ever

Instantly winning instead of needing to enter codes online

Insisting that you eat all your meals on one of these fantastic plates

Basically no one was more famous than these three people

This was the best breakfast imaginable

This was the height of technology

Any of these seem familiar to you? Let us know in the comments which one meant the most to you when you were young!