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15 Old Caboodles Cases That You Know You Filled With Lip Smackers


We all had them. They were basically a requirement to be considered a preteen. What am I talking about? A Caboodles makeup case, obviously!

Getting one of these makeup cases was one of the ways that you knew you were growing up! As soon as you were old enough to own enough makeup or nail polish to necessitate a Caboodles case, you knew you were about to enter the days of training bras and teen magazines.

You were becoming a real teen and it was time to pick the case that would accompany you on this dramatic period of your life. What you chose was VERY important:

Whether it was purple and pink with a mirror inside

Or folded out really flat with a lot of compartments for your LipSmackers

You could go for the minimalist look

Or marbled pink

So many helpful compartments to organize your stuff

A nice mint green was always in style

Or how about a glitter case?

Recognize your old Caboodles case yet? There are more where that came from...

These mirrors were never really placed in a position that worked well, but they were required

So much storage space

Hot pink was always a good choice

Or a multi-tiered set for the ultra-organized

They were just so convenient

You could always add some stickers if you wanted

But you couldn't go wrong with a classic

Remember the metal latches?

Did you ever have a Caboodles case? Let us know in the comments what yours looked like!