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The Trailer For The 'Heathers' Remake Is Out And We Want To Know, 'What's Your Damage, Heather?"

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We knew it was coming, but that doesn't mean we wanted it. Heathers was an iconic movie from the 80s, but now it has been turned into a new TV show. It's supposed to come out next year and honestly, we don't know how to feel.

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As fun as it is to remember the original, the new show looks like it's not going to be anything like what remember.

The original movie starred Winona Ryder as Veronica, the popular girl who misses her old friends.

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Then there were the 'Heathers"..

Shannen Doherty

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Lisanne Falk

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and Kim Walker

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They are the scariest high school clique imaginable, one that struck fear into the entire school.

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But now, the Heathers are back and meaner than ever. The new preview for the reboot is out and we have to try and accept that our 80s classic is moving on to a new generation. The preview is a lot to take in...

The new preview shows the new Veronica getting summoned by the Heathers and then quietly saying that classic line "f--k me gently with a chainsaw..."

While it's nice that they are keeping some aspects of the original, it's hard to know how it will be adapted to modern television. It's not due out until 2018, but the latest preview shows us what we can expect.

So far, we know that the 'Heathers' are super into accessories...

Veronica is super not interested in talking to them...

And the other kids seem terrified of these girls.

Ready to see the preview?

Coming in 2018 to the Paramount Network. #Heathers #☠️

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What do you think? Are you going to watch? Let us know in the comments!