10 MacGyver Inventions That Are As Insane As They Are Creative

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There are very few people who are good at inventing things. It takes a lot of time, patience and materials to be able to build something worthwhile. That is almost always true, unless you are MacGyver.


No matter the materials, the situation, or the time frame, Angus MacGyver could figure out a solution to his problem by inventing some completely absurd thing and it would always work. Which of these ridiculous inventions do you remember seeing him make?

Rocket-powered harpoon gun/zip line


Episode: Season 1, Episode 9 'The Prodigal'

Materials Used: Cleaning fluid, telescope, moth balls, rope, pulley, handlebars

While trapped in an attic, MacGyver combines these items and launches them out of the window onto a nearby tree so they can zip line over the vicious dogs and get to safety.

Hang Glider


Episode: Season 1, Episode 17 'To Be a Man'

Materials Used: A broken satellite, parachute, duct tape

When you are stuck on a mountaintop you don't have a lot of resources, but MacGyver can honestly make anything work so it's all fine.

Lie Detector

Episode: Season 1, Episode 19 'Slow Death'

Materials Used: Blood pressure pump, alarm clock, stethoscope

Sometimes the best way to solve a mystery is just to start asking questions. If you want to prevent lies, you are going to need some backup!



Episode: Season 1, Episode 15 'The Enemy Within'

Materials Used: Candlesticks, microphone cord, rubber mat

When your friend gets a 'remote-triggered, heart attack causing device' implanted in their body, you need to be a little bit creative. MacGyver attaches a live wire to some metal candlesticks and wraps himself in a rubber mat so that he can start his friend's heart again.

Acid Launching Catapult


Episode: Season 7, Episode 5 'The Coltons'

Materials Used: A super well-behaved dog, bottle of sulfuric acid, yardstick, jar

Dogs are man's best friends so obviously they will help you get a bottle of sulfuric acid so you can get rid of the super dangerous bomb.

The inventions just keep getting more ridiculous...

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