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With Sears Filing For Bankruptcy, Let's Never Forget How Amazing The Wish Book Was

Sears / Imgur - JeepersMedia

If you celebrate Christmas, then you know that the most important and exciting day of the year is the one whenever your Sears Wish Book arrives.

That's when you know that it's time to start writing out your Christmas list, comparing all the potential toys that you might consider.

Pages and pages of Barbies, Lego, and board games to dream about, before writing them down on your letter to Santa.

The Wish Book is one of those things that you never really stop looking at. You just keep on flipping through the pages any time you get bored, probably because none of us had the internet. There was not much else to do, so why not flip through and see what you missed last time.

The Wish Book is a tradition we've all had for decades now, but it might be coming to an end. The 125-year-old retail giant has officially filed for bankruptcy protection, after racking up billions of dollars worth of debt.

Sure, they claim that they're trying to reorganize their finances and only close down the unsuccessful stores, it's hard to believe that they'll be able to do it. Especially because Sears was forced to close all of its Canadian stores earlier this year.

While the Wish Book's availability has been iffy over the last few years, we're always going to remember it for what it was: a true treasure.

It was the only way you are going to see those fancy collectible Barbies, because your mom was never going to buy them for you

Sorry Barbie, if we can't change your outfit or brush your hair, what's even the point?

You could look at all the educational toys, consider adding them to your list, and then purposefully avoid them because you'd rather get a new remote-controlled car.

Besides, you know your grandma is going to buy them anyways so don't waste the space.

It's where you could see your dreams of one day owning a robot come to life.

One day I will have a robot butler, I just know it.

Where else could you see a nice collected page of all the best Nickelodeon toys?

These are the things that go on every kid's wish lists even though their parents beg them not to bother.

The Ninja Turtles are a necessary addition to any list.

Do you know how many times my mom asked me, "why are you so obsessed with these mutant turtles?" Jeeze mom, they're awesome.

There are just the best pictures in the world in these catalogs.

Everything about this makes me happy. From the clear mullet, to the sunglasses on a one of those little ropes, to the scooter with that has not only a picture of a raccoon, but also the text "Raccoon!" on it, just brings me an indescribable amount of joy.

There are also those things you put on the list knowing you have about a 0% chance of actually receiving, but you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, right?

I wish they made these in my size...

Source - CNN

Whatever happens to Sears, at least we all have a lifetime of memories of the catalog that brought us so much joy.