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Zero From Holes Is All Grown Up, And You've Got To See Him Now

Holes is one of those cult classics that everyone seems to remember watching as a young kid. It was from back in the early days of Shia LeBeouf and everyone thought it was great. The movie also introduced us to Khleo Thomas who played Zero.

Khleo Thomas may not be the big name that Shia LeBeof is now, but you know what, he is doing just fine for himself.

He is now a rapper and has his own clothing line called Slick Living, and this is what he looks like now. Brace yourself...

Woah, seriously?

You can't even recognize him!

If you want to keep up with what he is doing you can follow him on Instagram. Or if you are interested in his clothing line you can find it here.

Do you ever get completely shocked by how child stars look now? It immediately makes me feel like I am 100 years old.