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What Have The Wakefield Twins Been Up To Since They Graduated From Sweet Valley High?

Sweet Valley High is all over the news right now! There are two very different reasons though, one is the exciting news that they are making a movie of the classic book series, and the other is that one of the stars of the classic TV adaption has gotten married!

The television show Sweet Valley High starred Cynthia and Brittany Daniel, who portrayed the two main characters Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. On July 29th, 2017, Brittany Daniel got married and her sister was right there with her to share in her joy.

What have your favorite sisters been up to other than finding love?

Cynthia Daniel

Sweet Valley High was really Cynthia's biggest and most notable role. She did a small part in The Basketball Diaries with Leonardo Di Caprio during Sweet Valley High, but after the show ended she didn't do much else.

She was in one episode of the failed sitcom That '80s Show her sister starred in, but unfortunately that show never took off like they wanted and it was cancelled after 13 episodes.

She decided to retire from acting and instead became a photographer. She calls her business Five Arrows Photography and shares a lot of pictures of her family life including her three kids and husband Cole Hauser.

Brittany has been super busy since the end of Sweet Valley High! Click to the next page to catch up with Jessica Wakefield!

Brittany Daniel

Brittany Daniel decided to keep going as an actor after the end of their popular series. She went on to have an arc on Dawson's Creek, she appeared in That '70s Show, then she landed one of the leads on That '80s Show.


She later would star in the movies White Chicks and Joe Dirt, before getting a lead role on The Game where she played Kelly Pitts for nine seasons.

Columbia Pictures

In 2011 she was diagnosed with stage IV non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, but is currently cancer free. In an interview with People in 2014 she said. "It happened so suddenly. There is no way I would have ever gotten through this without my family. My family is everything to me and I feel like they saw me through this."

Brittany and Cynthia are super close and Cynthia actually helped plan Brittany's wedding to Adam Touni. Touni is an attorney and proposed to Brittany on a romantic hike.

They got married in Los Angeles at The Carondelet House with 150 family members and friends in attendance. Her twin sister Cynthia was the maid of honor.

Now that the couple are done with wedding plans the twins will continue to run their new lifestyle blog "The Sweet Life" where they give tips on health, food, beauty and even some fun throwbacks from their days on set as two of the coolest teens we knew growing up.

Congrats to the happy couple! Share if you remember watching Sweet Valley High when you were younger!