What Have The Wakefield Twins Been Up To Since They Graduated From Sweet Valley High?

Sweet Valley High is all over the news right now! There are two very different reasons though, one is the exciting news that they are making a movie of the classic book series, and the other is that one of the stars of the classic TV adaption has gotten married! BrittanyandCynthiaDanielThe television show Sweet Valley High starred Cynthia and Brittany Daniel, who portrayed the two main characters Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. On July 29th, 2017, Brittany Daniel got married and her sister was right there with her to share in her joy. What have your favorite sisters been up to


'Be Our Guest' For This Unconventional Wedding Photo Shoot

Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast has us all on the edge of our seats, but this beautiful bride took it a step further. Watching the fairytale wasn't enough; she wanted to create her own. Raelyn Martellino, a California photographer, teamed up with Baldwin Bridal & Events and Sylver Weddings & Events to create a dream Beauty and the Beast photo shoot fit for a princess.  Raelyn Elizabeth PhotographyRaelyn Elizabeth PhotographyRaelyn Elizabeth PhotographyDon't forget about the magical red rose! This centerpiece was made more stunning by tiny strings of lights and propped up on a stack of old books. Belle would


Couple Nails Dirty Dancing Inspired Routine At Their Wedding

Weddings are fun, but it you've been to one you've pretty much been to them all. There are speeches, the first dance, the couple cuts the cake, and you regret picking the fish entree - then it's time to go home.That's why Lindsay Pergola and Richi Guarini of Mountain Lakes, New Jersey decided to shake things up with a serious injection of 80s cool.When the couple hit the dance floor for their first dance, the fog machine was turned up and the stereo was blasting "Time Of My Life." Yes, that's right, they were reenacting the final dance


Woman Proves She Still Wears Her 90s Bridesmaid Dress After Bride Apologizes For Them

You know how every single bride says that they pick their bridesmaid dresses because they could "easily wear them again?" Well, finally a bride has admitted she was wrong but her bridesmaid had the best response imaginable. Tammi Sauer took to Facebook to celebrate her anniversary, but at the same time she apologized to the bridesmaids at her wedding. She wrote "These two 22-year-olds are celebrating 22 years of marriage! Hubba hubba. My apologies for those dresses, ladies." Tammi SauerThe handmade dresses were based on a pattern because the bride's distinct vision wasn't available in stores. “Apparently, not everyone in