What Have The Wakefield Twins Been Up To Since They Graduated From Sweet Valley High?

Sweet Valley High is all over the news right now! There are two very different reasons though, one is the exciting news that they are making a movie of the classic book series, and the other is that one of the stars of the classic TV adaption has gotten married! BrittanyandCynthiaDanielThe television show Sweet Valley High starred Cynthia and Brittany Daniel, who portrayed the two main characters Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. On July 29th, 2017, Brittany Daniel got married and her sister was right there with her to share in her joy. What have your favorite sisters been up to


You Can Buy The Original Sweet Valley High Books From The 80s Again And We're Psyched

You remember all those Sweet Valley High books that you read 600 times while you were in middle school and high school? Well, someone has found a way to bring them back exactly as you remember them. Yes, you can still buy new versions of the books in most stores, but you've got to admit that there is nothing as satisfying as seeing those original covers with the Wakefield twins we remember from our childhood on the cover. These teen novels were what all of us were obsessed with, but unfortunately as we got older, a lot of us ended