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10 Important Questions That Disney Had Better Have An Answer For


There's a lot of things about movies we loved as kids that we just kind of accepted because, y'know, we were kids. It isn't until later on that we look back at it that we can go "Huh, that doesn't make any sense." Disney movies are no exception to this, and these 10 questions definitely leave us scratching our heads.

1) Why does Donald Duck not wear pants... but wears a swimsuit?

It makes no damn sense!Disney

2) Goofy's a dog, but he walks upright and talks. Pluto's a dog and acts like a dog. Why?


3) Who thought putting so much straight up nightmare fuel in kids movies was a good idea?

Y'know, for kids!Disney

4) How was Cinderella the only woman in an entire village who fit into that glass slipper?

Seriously, nobody else wore a women's size 6?Disney

5) What are the Aristocats even going to do with their owner's entire fortune?

My guess is lick their own butts for a while and then sleepDisney

And we still have a lot more questions...

6) Why didn't Ariel just write Eric a note? We know from her signing the contract that she can write.

Seriously, just grab a pen and some paper!Disney

7) How did Timon and Pumbaa stay the exact same while Simba aged?

Maybe they're immortal?Disney

8) Why did Buzz Lightyear freeze like all the other toys, even when he didn't believe he was a toy?


9) How the hell does Pocahontas already speak and understand English?

Did they have Rosetta Stone back then?Disney

10) Why didn't The Beast know how to use a fork? He was human royalty.

Did he still remember how to use the bathroom?Disney

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