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What Do All Your Childhood Celebrity Crushes Look Like Now?

Everyone had a childhood crush; that one special boy or girl that made you feel all nervous and awkward any time they were around. Most of us also had a TV crush. The characters on our favorite shows were all too lovable and kind of hard to live up to.

Who was your dream date when you were a kid? We all had a lot of the same ones right? Let's see what they look like now.

Randy Taylor - Jonathan Taylor Thomas

He doesn't act too often anymore, his last few acting credits were reuniting with Tim Allen in his show Last Man Standing.

Topanga Lawrence - Danielle Fishel


Danielle Fishel actually got to play Topanga again for the reboot Girl Meets World. She also was a host on The Dish.

Zach Morris - Mark Paul Gosslaar

Mark Paul Gosslaar has had a bunch of roles since Saved By The Bell, including Franklin & Bash which lasted four seasons. Most recently he was in a show called Pitch that was cancelled after just one season.

Kelly Kapowski - Tiffani Thiessen

NBC / USA Television Network

Ever since Saved By The Bell ended, Tiffani Thiessen has been crazy busy. She has been in a bunch of shows, most notably in White Collar, as well as hosting her own cooking show called Dinner at Tiffani's.

Shawn Hunter - Rider Strong

Seriously, he is still super handsome! After Boy Meets World he did a bunch of voice over work, and then actually came back for Girl Meets World because Cory can't live without his best bud!

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DJ Tanner - Candice Cameron

ABC / Netflix

DJ Tanner is back in the new Fuller House. If you haven't watched it, you are missing out on how awesome Candice Cameron looks now!

Steve Hale - Scott Weinger

ABC / Netflix

Not only was he DJ's lovable, goof-ball boyfriend, Steve Hale also voiced Aladdin! Pretty awesome. He still actually does all the Aladdin voice work for any video games or attractions needed. He is also a writer for TV and a producer. He also was on Fuller House to reunite with his former TV girlfriend.  

Alex Mack - Larysa Oleynik

Nickelodeon / ABC

A girl with super powers is pretty much the coolest right? She has been in a lot of shows and movies since The Secret World of Alex Mack ended, including some voice over work, a recurring role on Pretty Little Liars, and a lot of work in short films.

Joey Russo - Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence has gone on to create a long running showing with Sabrina the teenage witch herself, Melissa Joan Hart Melissa & Joey. After that ended he has still been making a lot of movies with a couple set to come out this year!

Samantha Micelli - Alyssa Milano


Alyssa Milano was a lot of kids' first big crush, after Who's the Boss. She went on to star in Charmed, Mistresses, and will actually be in the next Wet Hot American Summer series called Ten Years Later.

Who was your childhood celebrity crush? Let us know in the comments!