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10 TV Couples From The '90s That Were More Important Than Your Own Relationships

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Remember when your parents complained that TV shows were like a drug to you? Well, it was really the bubbling romances that had you addicted.

It was nearly impossible to ignore the lives of some of the most famous TV couples of the '90s. They taught us so many things about romance, while also being incredibly entertaining.  

Here are 10 TV couples that were more important than your own relationship, because seriously, if they couldn't make it, how could you?

1. Jesse and Rebecca on Full House

Jeseky! The coolest uncle in the world found himself quite the girl, and we wished nothing more than to be as calm and collected as Rebecca. I mean, you have to be pretty great if you're willing to move into that hectic household.

2. Roseanne and Dan on Roseanne

They were everything we ever wanted in a relationship. Roseanne and Dan taught us valuable relationship advice like how it's the little things that matter, it takes two to make a relationship work, honesty is crucial, and, of course, a healthy sex life is a big part of marriage. Well, we weren't married then, but it was some sound advice.

3. Mulder and Scully on The X-Files

These two co-workers had more in common than just their beliefs about alien life. This show was emotional roller coaster ride because we never knew if these two were going to end up together. That being said, we loved every minute of Mulder being overprotective of Scully. The show is still churning out episodes, but the love between these two felt different back in the '90s.

4. Zack and Kelly on Saved by the Bell

This classic TV show couple showed young love better than any other show at the time. It also helped that they were super good looking. It took a long time until we finally saw these love birds share a kiss, but it was worth waiting for. Also, how adorable was that proposal?

5. Buffy and Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen step aside, the forbidden love between Buffy and Angel is still talked about today.

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