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6 Things From the 90s That You Will Never See Again In Your Lifetime

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The 90s were honestly a pretty weird time for us all. There was a lot that happened that kind of hit us all of a sudden and we just had to deal with it.

Sure, we got the internet (which is fun) and there was that whole Y2K panic (we probably won't freak out like that ever again), but what about the day-to-day things that were such a big part of our lives?

Turns out, not everything is forever so we better enjoy them while they last!

A TV Commercial...For A Magazine...For Kids

You know it's 2018 when the only part of this that is recognizable are the words "commercial" and "kids!"

Bob Barker on The Price Is Right

How do I know that you grew up watching Barker reminding you to spay and neuter your pets? Maybe it's because he hosted the show for over 35 years!

Barker is still kicking, but we'll have to shout our guesses at Drew Carey from now on, which is fine, I suppose.


If you even know what AOL stands for, then you prove how dated you are. This disc was the source of an insane amount of stress for people in the early days of the internet, and probably still is.

What about those things that you could have sworn were there just a second ago...?

Blockbuster Video

Jeeze, remember when you couldn't drive 10 blocks without seeing two of these blue and yellow buildings popping up? It may have seemed like they would always be here, but no one was prepared for the advance of the internet.

Flip Phones

Ever since the smart phones took over, I haven't seen one of these in the wild for years. Just as the dinosaurs had their day and then left us, so did these weird, breakable mobile devices.

Car Antennae

No, I'm not crazy, you're crazy. Go outside and see how many of these you can find on the cars passing by.

Except for a few vehicles from the 90s that are still beating down the highways, you probably won't lay eyes on these fixtures ever again.

They just up and disappeared! It's sad because now how we be able to make that satisfying "BOIWOWING" sound in the parking lot?

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