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They Stopped Skynet, But What Has The Cast of 'Terminator 2' Been Up To Since?

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day is one of the defining action movies of the 90s, so much so that it's going to be re-released in theaters soon! The big question is, what have the cast of this action classic been up to in the over 25 years since it was released? You probably know something about its leading star, but some of the rest might genuinely surprise you.

Joe Morton - Myles Dyson

Pacific Western

Then: Morton had several starring roles on TV before appearing in Terminator 2 as the programmer who ultimately creates Skynet. He was a lead on shows like Grady, The Equalizer, and Equal Justice.


Now: Morton has continued to act in tons of TV shows and movies, having big roles in shows like Smallville, Law & Order, The Good Wife, Scandal, and Eureka. He also regularly appears on Broadway, and will be playing Dr. Silas Stone, the creator of the superhero Cyborg, in the upcoming Justice League.

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Robert Patrick - T-1000

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Then: Patrick played the T-1000 fairly early in his career, and he was absolutely menacing as the liquid-metal robot who could change his shape and appearance at will.


Now: Patrick has had several small movie roles since Terminator 2, but has made a huge name for himself on TV. He's had major roles in shows like The X-Files, The Unit, Last Resort, From Dusk Til Dawn, and True Blood. He married actress Barbara Hooper while filming Terminator 2, and the two are still together with two children.

Brian Wilkins

Fun fact: his brother, Richard Patrick, was once the guitarist for the band Nine Inch Nails, and is currently the singer of rock bands Filter and Army of Anyone!

Consequence of Sound

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